Welcome to Vinlabs Inc.

Vinlabs Inc. specializes in complex business software development for enterprise clients. We offer full range service to our clients. That include Inormation Technology consulting, IT staffing, onsite development and offshore development.

Yet another area of focus for Vinlabs is incubating start up projects in web and mobile applications space. With our wide ranging experience in business, management and technology we are in a position to guide start ups to fruition.


Our team has experience in various technologies. These include.

  • Java Platform.
  • Microsoft .NET platform.
  • Oracle
  • IBM Websphere
  • PHP/My Sql.
  • Mobile Platform.

Computer Programming skills are the core strength of our team. We are confident of application development on client's preferred technology platform.

Our Methodology

Computers and Software was supposed to make business processes easier so that business owners and managers can focus on delivering best products and services to their clients. Of late, due to various reasons - government regulations,web based commerce, stiff competition and privacy concerns - these kind of over head of business processes an organisation has to pay attention to has grown tremendously from the conventional finance, accounting, pay roll processeing , inventory control and order processing functions.

Even though Vinlabs Inc. is primarily a Information Technology company, we don't try to sell or implement or recommend a technology solution on day one to our client. We first take a holistic look at our client's needs. Our expertise in Management, Business Strategy and Engineering disciplines helps us to do that. This is a big differentiator between Vinlabs and companies offering similar IT services. Sometimes, a simple in-house Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) would help business solve their issues and save millions. If that can't be done we either custom design and implement an information technology solution or propose an out of box solution which is cost effective, maintainable and future proof.